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Legal Education Professionals Empowerment Programs

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Beginning in 2021, HMV-WN delivered the HMV-WN Women's Empowerment specifically for Legal Education Professional. We believe that it was vital to offer this type of program to deepen educators understanding of gender, gender inequality and access to justice so that they could then in turn share this knowledge with the future legal professionals of their country.

Through these two programs, 28 legal practitioners, including law professors from over 10 different universities around the world, have come together to discuss the themes of gender equality, sexual and gender-based violence and access to justice. During their 4 weeks together, participants achieve learning objectives in each of these areas while simultaneously building a network of support for one another, which aid in their continued integration of intersectional gender justice into their respective professions. As a result of this, several universities have requested HMV-WN to conduct Gender Justice programs for their students. We will continue to expand our work with universities in 2022 and look forward to expanding our network.

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