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Our programs

The  foundation of our work, is conducting empowerment programs that engage feminist changemakers by creating safe spaces that foster gender-responsive educational development and skills growth. We bring together diverse groups of women, from all across the global to learn about and discuss gender inequalities and discrimination, and explore topics around SGBV, gender justice and women’s leadership. 


Our programs provide women with the skills,  knowledge and practical application of these, to enable women to work towards identifying their own solutions to social justice issues in their communities. We create a safe space that enables women to discuss issues that are important to them and we enhance their problem solving and action planning abilities to overcome these issues. ent. We use interactive, student-centered teaching methods to ensure that students are full engaged and for maximum learning outcomes. Each of the activities used during the program are based on successful in-person capacity development activities that have been modified for effective online delivery. The program is specifically targeted at those who have an interest or currently work in the field of social justice and women rights.

The core thematic areas covered in our programs:

- Gender, gender stereotypes and gender discrimination.

-´Gender equality and equity 

- Sexual and Gender Based Violence

- Leadership

- Sexual health and reproductive rights

- Gender Justice and Access to Justice

- Actioning planning and community action


- Global Women’s Empowerment and Community Action Program (18-25 y/o)
- Women Law Students in collaboration with universities 


22 Empowerment Programs 

210 Program participants 


41 Countries represented 

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“As a result of my participation in the HMV program, I have been able to use my voice and my writings in creating positive changes in the areas of gender equality, women empowerment and girl education by speaking at international platforms and by publishing articles on them. This would not have been possible without the HMV Program and the immense support from the team.”

"My self-esteem has been boosted and I am more motivated and ambitious. I have been able for example to mobilize a group of young women like me and we are working together to promote gender equality. thus gives them the courage to speak out about things they go through on a daily basis."

"I have been able to start my own venture that is going to cater for adolescent girls anmd young women who have undergone sexual gender based violence."

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