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Women's Empowerment Program

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Hear  My Voice- Women's Empowerment Program in  Numbers





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The Hear My Voice- Women’s Empowerment Program is an 8 week, interactive and thought provoking platform that brings together women from across the globe. 

The aim of the program is to increase women’s knowledge about social justice and women’s rights, to empower women to use their voices in their community to speak out for their rights and the rights of other women, and to create a network of like-minded women that can support, learn and share with each other. The program provides women with the skills and knowledge to try to find their own solutions to social justice issues in their communities.

We create a safe space that enables women to discuss issues that are important to them and we enhance their problem solving and action planning abilities to overcome these issues. We have small class sizes, 15 to 18 students per program, to create a safe and intimate learning environment. Using interactive, student-centered teaching methods to ensure that students are fully engaged and for maximum learning outcomes. Each of the activities used during the program are based on successful in-person capacity development activities that have been modified for effective online delivery. The program is designed for women who have an interest or currently work in the field of social justice and women rights. To see a overview of our curriculum please click here.

We are currently accepting applications for the next batch- don't miss your chance to join us!

Deadline September 10th 2021


Student Testimonials 

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