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Body Acceptance & Liberation Workshop

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We are now accepting applications for the 2nd Batch!!

If you would like to be considered for the program please complete the application form by May 31st 2021


Objectives of the workshop series:

*Understand Radical body acceptance

*Understanding Body privilege and body based oppressions

*Understanding the global corporate body shame agenda

*Understanding our own biases

*The power of vulnerability and speaking up and using our bodies as advocates

*Practicing vulnerability & working through our shame towards body acceptance & liberation


This workshops is facilitate by Ameira Sikand, a feminist changemaker who is working to advance the rights of young people from marginalized contexts in India. As a body liberation activist, Ameira has founded and runs 'The Unmute Files', a podcast and online community that highlights the journeys of young women and girls who are bravely challenging patriarchal control over their bodies and reclaiming their bodily autonomy. She also facilitates body liberation workshops as part of the platform. Podcast Link

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