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Women's Online Empowerment Program for Professional Development

Curriculum Overview 

"As a result of my participation in the HMV program, I have been able to use my voice and my writings in creating positive changes in the areas of gender equality, women empowerment and girl education by speaking at international platforms and by publishing articles on them. This would not have been possible without the HMV Program and the immense support from the team."

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We are offering professional women who are interested in expanding their understanding about gender justice through a global lens the opportunity to participate in our 12-week Women's Empowerment Program for Professional Development, commencing in July 2022 and live weekly online sessions will take place weekly each Sunday. This program will enhance participants' skills, knowledge and passion to work in the field of gender justice. Our team will guide you through you a series of topics with the aim of transforming your perspective on issues women are facing globally and provide you with a supportive learning space where you are able to explore and collaboratively address the challenges you face in this area.

Download full program brochure here-

Our Approach

At HMV-WN we follow Feminist pedagogy in all our programs;


  • Experience- women's experiences are made visible and form the most valid basis for learning- valued and validated

  • Collaboration- collaborating and sharing are utilized to lead women to identify their common oppression and develop mutual support and collective strength in their struggle for change

  • Authority- dismantle authoritarian relationships in the classroom and create a space our equal power relations.


Our small class sizes, 25 participants per program, ensure a safe and intimate learning environment. We use interactive, student-centered teaching methods to ensure that participants are fully engaged and for maximum learning outcomes. Each program activity is based on successful in-person capacity development activities that have been modified for effective online delivery. Participants are given interactive pre- and post-testing and reflection activities in order to effectively track their progress, both in regard to their increase in skills and their building of knowledge and confidence.

Why Should you Join Us?

  • You will deepen your knowledge and understanding about key gender justice issues, through a global perspective and gain practical skills that enable you to utilize this knowledge into your work.


  • The Women's Empowerment Program for Professional Development offers a unique opportunity to be in an interactive global classroom with like-minded women, to learn firsthand about gender justice issues taking place on the ground in different countries.


  • Your participation will be an opportunity to network with other women that are as equally passionate about social justice issues and developing a strong sense of community within the group.

  • The Women's Empowerment Program for Professional Development will empower you to share your own personal and professional experiences and increase your confidence to speak about these issues with others in the future.

  • We hope that by the end of the program you will have the confidence to advocate for change, for yourself and other women in your community when their rights are violated.

  • The HMV-WN team is committed and passionate to supporting you throughout your transformative journey and will provide you with online support when needed.

Program Fees

The fee for the 12 week program will be $350 USD. We strongly encourage applicants to seek professional development funds, if applicable. At this stage we are unable to provide any financial support of scholarships.


The fees HMV-WN receive for this Professional Program allow us to continue to provide free programming to young women globally and to cover the operational costs incurred running a global enterprise.


Application Process

Please complete the online application form before May 31st 2022. After submitting your application our team will review your application and provide you with you application outcome within 10 working days. At that stage, our team will send you an invoice for full payment to secure your place on the program.


Download full program brochure here-

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