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Megan Dumas- Women in Healthcare

Each week, Hear My Voice- Women's Network promotes the amazing work of woman working in specific professions. In January, we will focus on women working in health care.

Meggie Dumas is extremely passionate about sexual and reproductive health and rights - which encompasses menstrual health and hygiene - for women in marginalized communities, including refugees, migrants, and women living with disabilities. More specifically, she is very passionate about the inclusion of men in these initiatives to (1) ensure it is not solely the burden of women to access family planning and (2) to mitigate withholding of rights and increase a women's ability to use/access contraceptives and SRHR needs without fear or intimidation by their partners.

Currently, she works in the field of Menstrual Health Management, as both a consultant and previously as a project manager for INGO WoMena Uganda, managing a project that provides menstrual cups and comprehensive menstrual health management (MHM) training and education to adolescent refugee girls in two of Western Uganda’s refugee settlements.

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