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Launching the Gender and Justice in the Legal Classroom Learning Series

On May 15, 2022, Hear My Voice- Women’s Network hosted the first session of Gender and Justice in the Legal Classroom Learning Series Feedback. 9 legal educators from around the globe came together to discuss bringing a gender lens into the classroom. Two of our participants shared presentations on their work incorporating gender into the legal curriculum of Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and Pasundan University in Indonesia, respectively, which served as the starting point for important discussions on the importance and challenges of teaching gender and justice in the legal classroom. This session was just the beginning of the ongoing series which the HMV-WN team is excited to provide for legal educators.

- “[This series] helps me see how other academics deal with the issue of gender.”

- “Inspirational presentations and discussions proved how far behind is legal education in [my country] and how much work needs to be done to educate about gender issues and position of women in the legal profession.”

You can also watch the presentations from our first session here;

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the conversation, please contact us at

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