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Janet Motah- Women in Education

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Janet Motah is currently working as a Project Officer with the Education and Livelihood department for Moving The Goalposts, in Kenya. Moving The Goalposts is a unique sport for development organization in the coastal region of Kenya that uses football to empower girls and young women to realize their full potential. According to Janet: "So many people wonder why the organization is called ‘Moving The Goalposts’ and at the same time we talk about empowering girls through football. The goalposts we are moving are the barriers that prevent the girl child from realizing her goals and becoming the best version of herself. We have helped over nine thousand girls since 2002 to find their voices and use them to make healthy decisions about their future and fight for lasting change within their community and beyond." To learn more about Janet's work and Moving The Goalposts, visit the following links: #womenchangemakers #womenineduation #womeninsports #womenempoweringwomen #womeninwork

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