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Mental Health Wellness in GBV Prevention and Response Training

Over the course of March and April, 2022, Hear My Voice- Women's Network in partnership with Counselling Thailand hosted a 2-part workshop series on the topic of Mental Health Wellness in Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response. This workshop was offered exclusively to our alumni and continued the Hear My Voice- Women's Network tradition of offering quality networking and learning opportunities that extend beyond our regular programming.

During the event, 14 participants had the opportunity to connect virtually and discuss mental health concerns that are common when working in the field of GBV with experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist Sustriana Saragih. Participants discussed how to identify signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, burnout and compassion fatigue, as well as management strategies to improve mental health. To learn more about the work being done by Sustriana Saragih and Counselling Thailand, please visit their website.

We are looking forward to hosting more alumni networking events soon.

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