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Aakriti Karki- Women in Healthcare

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Each week, Hear My Voice- Women's Network promotes the amazing work of woman working in specific professions. In January, we will focus on women working in healthcare.

Aakriti Karki, a doctor by profession but a life long advocate for gender equality and an avid traveler. She has always believed in gender equality but the courage to advocate for it bloomed during her time as an intern at Women LEAD Nepal, where she was responsible for running campaigns against Gender Based Violence. As a female in the medical field, Aakriti wants to be able to stand up to her male counterparts or superiors and call them out on the gender bias and stereotypes that still surrounds the profession. She believes in taking small actions consistently. She believes, "I may not be able to influence masses, but if I am able to make people question their own standings regarding gender disparity, I feel like I have succeeded."

Check out Aakriti's video to learn more about her work and her views on women in health care.

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