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About Hear My Voice- Women's Network

Hear My Voice- Women’s Network is a platform that brings women, from all over the globe, together to discuss current issues that are important to them and their community. The network was established in April 2020.


Our platform creates a safe place for women to share their ideas and opinions, and an outlet for their questions. A place to learn through conversation and free expression. We offer women the opportunity to join our online programs, webinars and networking events, to enhance their public speaking skills and ignite their passion to create positive changes in their communities.


Our Mission

Contribute to a world where diverse women’s voices, perspectives, and leadership is supported and amplified.

Our Vision

Women and girls face deep inequalities worldwide as evidenced by the gendered impacts of Covid-19. Now more than ever, women need to contribute to, and lead, decision-making to ensure policies and programs are informed by and are responsive to the diverse populations they serve. Hear My Voice – Women’s Network supports women’s voice and agency by providing them with access to knowledge, resources, skills, and networks to create positive change in their communities and countries, and in support of a transformed world.

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