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This Month's Spotlight

Each month, Hear My Voice- Women's Network shines the spotlight on the amazing work of our community members. 

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This month, Hear My Voice- Women's Network is shining

the spotlight on the amazing work of Piyusha Gurung and Bongwe Ngwenyama


"From smoothing skin and erasing wrinkles, to slimming waists and enlarging muscles" Men and women are aspiring their whole life to be called perfect to fit these norms with images of "attractiveness" in the media. As a result people, especially women and girls, can be impacted both mentally and emotionally, and this can cause people to develop negative body image and self-esteem struggles."

If you sometimes judge yourself and feel uncomfortable in your own body, you're not alone. So, for today, we would like to spread love and care to everyone and encourage you to build up you own positive image.

You are valuable, you are enough, you are beautiful, you are capable, you are PERFECT!


Please check out this inspiring video, produced by Piyusha Gurung (Nepal) and Bongwe Ngwenyama (Zimbabwe) graduate students of the Hear My Voice- Women's Empowerment Program.



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