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We bring women, from all over the globe, together to discuss current issues that are important to them and their community.

Our platform creates a safe place for women to share their ideas and opinions, and an outlet for their questions. A place to learn through conversation and free expression. We offer women the opportunity to join our online programs, webinars and networking events, to enhance their public speaking skills and ignite their passion to create positive changes in their communities.


 The network was established in April 2020.


Our vision is to help create a world where the voices of feminist changemakers are heard, respected, and acted upon.



Our mission is to empower feminist changemakers to raise their voices to advocate for meaningful change that can lead to greater equity in their community by creating a global network and providing safe spaces that foster gender-responsive educational development and skills growth. 


Lauren Donnison

Lauren Donnison

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Founder and Director

Lauren is an experienced and passionate facilitator, in the fields of social justice, empowerment and women's rights. Her dream is to empower young women to stand up for their rights and the rights of their community.  

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Evelyn Palach

Evelyn Palach

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Program & Research Coordinator

Evelyn is an experienced human rights advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Evelyn has participated and worked in social justice and women's rights initiatives internationally over the past 8 years with a specific focus on access to justice issues.


Camilah Mwangima

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Social Media Development Consultant 

Camilah is a passionate mental health advocate and gender equality activist. Her motivation is one day seeing a free, equal world.

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OUR partners

We have partnered with organisations by collaborating in multiple ways eg. co-hosting events/ workshops, partnership, online campaigns.

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