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Beautiful and amazing things can happen when we just take a leap of faith in ourselves. This is the acknowledgement that we have kept returning to during our Hear My Voice- Women’s Network journey over the past two years.

At its very foundation, Hear My Voice- Women’s Network has been a journey about two friends, from different sides of the world who share similar ethics and who are empathetic to the plight of women, especially young women, whose voices are universally unheard. Unheard because society believes their voices are not worth listening to. Unheard because they are expected to fulfil a particular role. Unheard because they face barriers daily. This silence is due to systematic gender inequality and discrimination that continues to exist across borders.  But women’s voices, now more than ever as the world continues to overcome the ongoing pandemic, need to be heard, not just present, in decisioning-making for their communities.


Lauren Donnison, a women’s rights activist, and educator, works to support women’s voice and agency by providing them with access to knowledge, resources, and skills, to contribute positively to their communities and countries, and support a transformed world. Evelyn Palach is a Canadian lawyer seeking to support gender equality through women’s access to justice initiatives. Through her work, Evelyn recognizes the necessity of collaborative effort to effectively address cross-cutting and systemic issues facing women, in a way that is reflective of the actual female experience.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, both of us identified the need for an online platform that prioritized inclusion and allowed for individuals to share their knowledge and work together for a better world. With a combined passion to make change and build a network of empowered women to coordinate collective action in pursuit of gender equality, Lauren and Evelyn established the Hear My Voice- Women’s Network in April 2020.