Women's Empowerment Program for Legal Educators

Program Overview 

"The program has made me realise that using your voice as a way of dealing with issues that many women are faced with really helps in that it raises awareness and most women know that they are not alone"

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What you can expect from the course, and us:

A 4-week program that consists 4 online learning sessions that cover these key topics; 

  • Understanding gender equality, gender discrimination and gender stereotypes

  • Understanding what sexual gender based violence is and the many forms it takes

  • Access to justice for women and the barriers

  • The importance of approaching social justice through a gendered lens

HMV-WN will provide participants with a certificate of participation following completion of the program. HMV-WN is not an accredited educational institution.


Who is the programme for?

This program is specifically designer for those that are currently working in the field of legal education, within a university or educational institute. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in, or are currently teach, social justice, particularly women rights. We require that participants have an upper intermediate level of English and have access to an internet connection that will enable active participation in live zoom classes.

​Program Objectives

  • Increase participants knowledge about key women’s right and social justice issues, such as sexual and gender-based violence, women’s access to justice, and women in leadership.

  • Empower participants to share their own experiences and those of women in their community, to increase their confidence to speak about these issues with others in the future.

  • Instill confidence in participants to advocate for change, for themselves and other women in their community when their rights are violated.

  • To support legal educators to network with educators from other institutes and countries to share and learn from each other best practices to bring gender issues into their classrooms.

What we expect from you:

- Commitment to attend weekly session and to complete your 4-week action initiative. 

- Dedication to engaging with the content. You will get as much from the program as you put in!

- Passion, enthusiasm and innovation. 



Application Process:

Complete the online application form by March 31st 2022. Successful applicants will be contacted by April 15th with full program details. 

Download full program brochure here: